Amitav Ghosh

Author of The Great Derangement, Brooklyn, New York

Jem Bendell

Author of the paper Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy and co-founder of the Deep Adaptation Forum, London

Reiner Gläser

Based in Cologne

Derrick James

Owner of Prepper Press, Maine

Ed Peden

Builder of 20th Century Castles, Kansas

Aimee Lewis Reau and Laura Schmidt

Founders of The Good Grief Network, Arizona

Guy McPherson

Scientist and author of Only Love Remains: Dancing on the Edge of Extinction, New York

Listen to the full interview with Guy in podcast form

Dan Kinch

Writer and performer of Planet Phuckett, Brooklyn, New York

Berit Karen Utsi

A woman in Straumsbukta, Norway

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